The ULTIMATE Retriever Launcher Bundle

The ULTIMATE Retriever Launcher Bundle

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Out of all of the launchers we have tested, this is one of our favorites. The bumpers go further, and there is significantly less felt recoil than other brands. Not only that, but everything from this launcher is made here in the U.S.A. Green loads work effectively in this launcher, and we wouldn't recommend shooting anything over yellow. Seriously, these bumpers go much further than expected!

This bundle includes:

- One Handheld Launcher

- One Rugged Launcher Tube

- One White Canvas Dummy

- One White Canvas W/ Streamer Dummy

- One White Bullet Dummy

- One White Bullet W/ Streamer Dummy

- One Box Launcher Loads

- One Spare O-ring

- One Set Of Ear Plugs

This is everything you need to get started with launcher training. We also offer a variety of different launcher bumpers to go along with your launcher.